Our Story

Nearly 50 years ago a Kansas boy fell in love with a Florida girl.

After a move and many anniversaries in the Midwest, Wendell wanted to give Helen a gift to remind her of a home long ago.

Sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather, Wendell sculpted palm trees of steel that towered high into the air declaring his love.

The trees became a catalyst for conversation and the words “Can you make me one?”.

So they did.

Wendell’s gift of love to his wife has become a family business that has the opportunity to plant palm trees wherever you call home.

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Based in the Midwest, our trees are built to withstand even the harshest weather. Each palm has a super structure, welded to a steel plate that can be bolted down. Per request we can provide structural drawing with wind shear load for most projects.

Commercial pricing available.

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Hear The Story First Hand

Meet Wendell. Our Founder, the man who made Designer Palms a reality.

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Your Palms, Your Way

Every installation we perform is for you alone. Palm trees hand crafted to your space. View our full range of products and configurations to help get you started.

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